Customized Foundation

At Blende we believe that every woman skin is beautiful and each woman’s foundation should be as unique as she is.  
By having your foundation custom created you are ensuring that your makeup will be a perfect match to your skin and your skin needs. 

Before we begin to create your custom foundation, we consider the quality of your skin and whether you are oily, dry or in between. If you’re oily we add Matte Extender, which keeps you matte and minimizes the look of pores. If you’re dry we add a moisturizing treatment such as Vitamin E, Ginseng, Grape seed oil and or Emu oil to your foundation.  Our treatments create a suppleness and have anti aging properties normally found in high end skin care.

Depending on your needs, we can create anything from full coverage cream all the way to a tinted moisturizer and anything in between. You get as much or as little coverage as you need.


Custom Makeup Studio

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