Custom Color Profile

One of the most unique services that we offer at Blende is that we create a Custom Color Profile for each client. 

We design your profile based on your:

  • Skin Tone
  • Elasticity
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color 
  • Preferences 

We keep your Custom Color Profile in our database for easy access and recommendations. When new seasonal trends emerge, we use your unique and specific profile to customize the trend to suit you to a T.  You will never again feel like you can’t be on trend because the look doesn’t suit you. Our artists customize and cater the trend to you. When we create your profile, we can then use it to design a full line of makeup specifically for you, that can be modified with the seasons and style trends. For example, if you’ve come to Blende to get a custom daytime lipstick, but then want to have one created for a more glam look, it’s easy because we keep your Custom Color Profile permanently in our system.  Your formulas for your personal custom created makeup are always in our files, so you never have to worry about not being able to get the same colors whenever you want them.   At Blende your perfect color will never be discontinued. 


Custom Makeup Studio

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