Permanent Makeup by BlendE

Permanent Eyelash Line Enhancement

What is Permanent Eyeliner?

Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and have their eyes look vibrant and defined without having to wear any makeup?  Permanent Eyelash Line Enhancement creates the look of fuller lashes and a more defined eye by opening up the eye area and giving them a natural looking shape. 

This procedure mimics thousands of single lashes by depositing pure pigment directly into your existing lash line. Eyelash enhancement can take even the skimpiest lash lines and make them look thicker, fuller and darker which creates a well rested and more youthful look.


Does it hurt?
As with all of our permanent makeup procedures, you are numb and shouldn't feel much discomfort. 

How long does it last? 
Permanent Lip Color Enhancement can last from 2-3 years. 


Imagine waking up to perfectly groomed brows everyday without having to worry about filling in, smudging, smearing or disappearing. Many of us for various reasons have sparse eyebrows, possibly from either heredity, thyroid problems, alopecia or the dreaded over plucking (you know who you are), well Blende has your solution and it’s called Microblading.


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